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1775 Avenue at Quebec Street, Vancouver, BC
The Opsal Steel building, one of Vancouver’s heritage landmarks, was restored and framed by two striking residential towers.

Located at Quebec St. on East 2nd Avenue, the Opsal Steel heritage site is a prime example of early 1900’s construction. Originally the Columbia Block and Tool Company, the building was designed by T.H. Bamforth and built by Dominion Construction in 1918. Today it stands as a visible reminder of the area’s industrial history.

The Opsal Steel building is flanked by two residential towers offering retail and amenity space. Bastion salvaged and incorporated many heritage aspects of the existing site into this exciting new development, including structural elements and artifacts from the building itself.

Serving as a commercial space to connect the two residential towers, Bastion’s restored Opsal Steel heritage building reused many elements of its storied past. Original cladding was reused in the interior courtyard, and the iconic exterior signage was remounted to the face of the building. The interior features a pair of long gable-roofed ranges with high exposed ceilings, displaying the heavy-timber frames from the original structure. A number of artifacts from the steel company’s days-gone-by also appear, including a gantry crane and wooden casting moulds.

The Opsal Steel project balances past and present to create a new landmark site in the evolving South East False Creek neighbourhood.