About Us

At Bastion Development Corporation, Our Strength is creating exceptional properties in exceptional locations.

For over thirty years, Bastion has worked on diverse projects across Western Canada, earning a reputation for professional expertise throughout the life cycle of both residential and commercial developments.

At Bastion we intentionally select projects that contribute to our professional diversity, rather than focusing our expertise on any one building type. This means that every project we take on presents new and exciting challenges that we meet with enthusiasm, creativity, and professional skill. We are deeply committed to building unique properties of premium quality that seamlessly integrate form, function, and environment.

As a design and planning oriented firm, we work with project and site specifics to respond to the unique needs of each new development and its end users, whether home owners, tenants or businesses. We are extremely hands on and detail-oriented, ensuring all aspects of a project are thoughtfully integrated into the overall concept and smoothly executed throughout development.


Bastion’s portfolio of commercial projects spans single-storey retail to multi-level office buildings, warehouse facilities, and large industrial parks. Our experience also includes mixed-use buildings that combine ground-level commercial/retail space and residential units. As with all our projects, we focus on comprehensive planning early on, creating a coherent overall concept that takes into account site specifics, architectural design, landscaping, parking, and other project requirements, including optimizing functionality for those who will be working in the space once it’s complete.